Taking time to sit and talk to your child about their use of technology is very helpful. Children need to know that you are interested and are aware of what they are doing. Going online together can be great fun, especially if you agree in advance that only one of you will touch the computer keyboard and mouse!

The most difficult area to talk to your child about is probably sex and pornography so here are some suggestions:

Regarding the type of hardcore porn found on the internet you can say:

“I understand how you can be very curious about these images, but we don’t support people who think of women in these ways. . . . We don’t welcome them into our house, not on the television, and not through the internet or mobile phones."

Use “teachable moments”- advertising, music videos, video games, TV programs, clothes in shops and so on:

 “I know a lot of people think ................ is funny [sexy, OK], but I think .............. What do you think?”

“Do you think she really likes posing/dancing like that? 

"Where do you think she might have learned it?”

 “Some people are making a lot of money by telling lies about women [girls, boys, sex].  They’re making it seem like it’s OK to treat people like things [degrade people, use people], but I don’t think it is.”


Safe Internet Use

Online Safety presentation

Free downloads:

Safe Internet Use agreement for primary school children Safe Internet Use agreement for secondary school children

What to do with it:

  • Discuss what your child should, and should not, do online
  • Print off a copy of the Safe Internet Use Agreement
  • Sign it and put it on the wall.

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