How safe is the internet for your child?

The internet - like real life - is both good and bad.

Children need to learn and play in a safe environment, but unfortunately the internet is far from safe. “Family Safety” is here to help parents and carers ensure that their child’s experience of the internet is a good one.

There is no charge for the material on this site and we get no funding for our work. We charge affordable rates for our presentations on “Online Safety”. Contact us if you know of a school or group of parents who may be interested.

How can a parent/carer ensure that their child’s online experience is safe?


Find out more about online threats by watching these recommended videos. More...


Discuss what your child should, and should not, do online and print off a copy of the Safe Internet Use Agreement - sign it and put it on the wall. More...

Have fun

Enjoy some of the recommended sites by going online together (let your child show you how). More...

Take action

Make searching on the internet safer by blocking pornography on Google and YouTube and get a healthy balance by setting time restrictions on your child’s computer. More...


Make each child’s computer use more comfortable – avoid posture problems by getting a laptop riser and separate keyboard and mouse and finally – encourage each child to learn to type. More...


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