Image showing a list of computer maintenance tasks: anti-virus scan, anti-spyware scan, anti-virus updates, windows updates, disc cleanup, disc defragmenter and backupComputer Support

Keeping your computer protected from attack is essential if you want to surf the internet or send and receive email.

Going on the Internet without proper security software, is like leaving your car on the street with all the doors unlocked. You may be lucky and an opportunist thief won't break into your car, but then again you may not. At Computer and People Support we make sure that our customers' security software is up-to-date, properly installed and working properly.

Remember your computer, like a car, needs regular servicing. A well maintained computer will work well; one that's poorly maintained will be slow and erratic.

Computers are only machines. It helps if you understand a bit about how they work but even with a thorough knowledge they can still break down.

Most computers will have some personal information on them, either in the form of documents, spread sheets or photographs, letters or e-mails. Essential settings for connecting to the internet and e-mail are also hidden inside your computer.

Computer and People Support make sure that your personal setting information and support telephone numbers are to hand if you need them. This list of numbers can be found on your 'Data Sheet'.

Regular and organised backup means that you can be confident that even if your computer stops working you will have access to your important files.