The internet is a huge resource available to you in your home; not just for getting specific answers to obscure questions (try Google, but for booking your air ticket or buying that collectors item from eBay showing a computer screen and screenshots of websites Visit Google at Visit Ebay at Visit Amazon at Visit the BBC at

Thanks to Broadband the experience of going on the internet is getting better and better.

Listening to your favorite radio program at a time that suits you is very simple thanks to the BBC

Many of our customers regularly buy their clothes and food shopping, using their computer.

It appears to be a personal service, but actually, you are really only connected to another computer. It helps to have a friendly instructor sitting next to you and talking you through how it all works. In time it will become second nature to you.

As a Computer and People Support customer (costing £9 a month plus joining fee) you have access to reviews of the top web sites as well as advice on how to get the best deal on the internet.