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"Supporting your training needs"

Our instructors are called 'Computer Driving Instructors' and they start with the basics, teaching you about:

  • The computer controls (the keyboard and mouse)
  • How to find your way around the computer
  • How to understand and use the signs or icons

You’ll also learn about email, how to use the Internet and how to store, edit, download and print your digital photographs.

And like a driving lesson too, you get the opportunity to sit with an expert who can explain what to do and how to do it.

But you are always in the driving seat - you sit at the keyboard the whole time and only you use the computer, which means real hands-on experience from day one.

Please visit our One-to-one instruction page for more information.


Learn to drive your computer!

Image of Learner driver symbol on computer screenFind out what you'll learn in six sessions and how much it costs. Visit our One-to-one instruction page for further details.