Learning to drive your computer

With our team of Computer Driving Instructors, you will:

Image showing a computer screen displaying a Learner Driver signLearn the Basics

We’ve designed an instruction system to take you step by step through using your computer competently. We structure the tutorial sessions around repeating tasks like sending an email, receiving an email and saving an email attachment.

Weekly sessions tend to work best and we encourage you to play games like solitaire in between lessons to improve your mouse skills.

Gain Confidence

Over time, you’ll get to grips with simple tasks and your confidence will increase. Instead of weekly 'computer driving lessons' you can move on to monthly or just the occasional session when you need to learn a new task. Many customers enjoy the regular support a weekly session gives and don’t like to give them up!

Find out about computer maintenance

You’ll be taught how to maintain your computer, protect it against damage caused by wear and tear and how to secure it from attack by viruses. It’s a bit like giving your computer an MOT.

Learn more advanced skills

Once you become confident, you can benefit from one-to-one ‘Advanced Driving Instruction’. Topics can include anything from digital photography to writing business letters in Microsoft Word.

To find out how much our services cost, visit our Cost and Services page.


Your first six sessions

Once you have become a member, during your first six sessions with C&PS you will cover lots of essential computer tasks, including:

  • Email and saving attachments
  • The Internet
  • Computer security
  • Managing your files and folders
  • Copying and pasting

Email us at info@candp-s.com for further details.

Want to join?

Interested and want to join C&PS? Email us at info@candp-s.com or call us on 020 7998 1706 to find out how to sign up for your first session.