Membership of Computer & People Support

Membership of Computer and People Support gives you immediate access to a range of services, including:

  • A Joining Pack (visit our Cost & Services page for more details)
  • Computer support (you sort out any problems you have over the phone, via email or with your instructor)
  • One-to-one instruction
  • E-mail support
  • Access to our library of training guides
  • Access to a 'Topsites' directory of recommended websites

There are joining conditions but these primarily relate to the need to own a reliable computer - one that’s been well maintained and is secure. As long as your computer passes its Computer MOT, you are free to join - this checks that your computer is working properly and there are no underlying problems.

We do ask members to agree to an annual 'Computer Service' and 'Security Software Renewal' (something many people forget to do without prompting!). This way we can ensure that members’ computers are well maintained and functioning correctly. A 'Back up' service is optional.


Cost and Services

Services we offer

To find out about the range of services we offer and to view our latest pricing schedule, visit our Cost and Services page.