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The easiest way to take control of what content is shown on screens in your home is to have your broadband connection filtered.

Homesafe from TalkTalk works and is simple to set up, it has been available since June 2011.

BT, Sky and Virgin broadband will have similar services by the end of 2013 but until then, there are more complicated alternatives that are available and you can see how they work by going to the UK Safer Internet Centre website. Just click on the link below.

Right now we recommend TalkTalk, not just because they started this, but because they give the best value for money.

UK Safer Internet Centre

UK Safer Internet site

For guidance on how to set up Parental Controls, visit the UK Safer Internet site: www.saferinternet.org.uk/advice-and-resources/parents-and-carers/parental-controls


Safe Internet Use

Here you can download and use our Safe Internet Use agreements:

Free downloads:

Safe Internet Use agreement for primary school children Safe Internet Use agreement for secondary school children

What to do with it:

  • Discuss what your child should, and should not, do online
  • Print off a copy of the Safe Internet Use Agreement
  • Sign it and put it on the wall.

Adobe Reader is required to view PDF files.

HomeSafe by TalkTalk


HomeSafe is exclusively available for TalkTalk customers free of charge - it is a service built into the TalkTalk network which filters explicit content and keeps children safe online.

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